An Innovative Approach to Your Honors Education


The mission of the Davidson Honors College is to attract the best students from around our state and country to the University of Montana; to develop engaged citizens and professionals who excel in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem solving, ethical reasoning, and civic engagement; and to serve as a hub of intellectual, service, and social activity for students, staff, and faculty across the University of Montana campus.


The Davidson Honors College is a national model for the reinvention of public higher education; we are distinguished by our commitment to academic innovation, professional development, and our welcoming community.


The students, staff, and faculty of the Davidson Honors College value:

  • Demonstrated initiative, intellectual risk-taking, and a desire to “learn the other side.”
  • Hands-on, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary learning as a particularly effective method for expanding our ways of knowing and our understanding of the world.
  • Fostering connections with partners on campus, in Missoula, and beyond.
  • Creating opportunity – listening for possibility, seeking solutions, and putting our internal critic on hold.

Staying Connected