Advisory Boards

External Advisory Board


The External Advisory Board provides advice and support to the Davidson Honors College in its mission to serve as a center of excellence in undergraduate education at The University of Montana.  The Board and its members:

  • offer advice to the College's dean, especially from the perspectives of individuals whose daily lives and experience are located primarily in the off-campus world of business, science, the professions, and society at large;
  • develop off-campus internships and similar educational experiences for the College's outstanding students;provide supportive off-campus mentoring of selected DHC students;
  • participate, when appropriate, in DHC programs and activities;
  • recruit exceptional students to the DHC and the University;
  • suggest and arrange other special off-campus educational opportunities for the College's students; and
  • assist the DHC in raising funds to enhance the state support received by the College.

Organization and Terms

The Board membership shall reflect the diverse nature of The University of Montana and the DHC alumni and friends.  We seek individuals who ensure geographic, ethnic, and gender balance, as well as representation from a variety of disciplines and class years.  Nominations for new members shall be made by a Nominating Committee composed of Board members; appointments to the Board shall be made by the dean.  Appointments are for a term of three years and may be renewed once.

Student Advisory Council

The SAC strongly encourages students to contact any SAC members with any ideas, questions or concerns they may have. SAC members may be reached at their email addresses listed below.

What is the Student Advisory Council?

Up to twelve Honors students serve on the Student Advisory Council, a group that meets with the Dean each month. The Council serves as a sounding board for the Dean, presents ideas and suggestions, helps develop courses and set policy. Students interested in serving on the Council are encouraged to contact the Dean. Appointments are for one year, beginning in the fall semester.

Benefits of A Student Advisory Council:

  • Increased communication between students and administration.
  • Greater student voice
  • Student interests are protected
  • A more democratic progression is created within the administration
  • More transparent administration
  • Students gain a greater understanding of the administrative process
  • Personal relationships between administration and students are created
  • Collaborative honors environment
  • Ensuring accountability of the administration to students
  • Promotion of student involvement in the honors community
  • An approachable atmosphere for students to voice their concerns

Aims & Procedures


  • Make conscious and informed decisions on issues that affect the honors community.
  • Open, cooperative conversations that take into account all sides of an issue.
  • Improve and enrich the honors community
  • Emphasis is placed on the importance of clear procedural parameters.

Meetings consist of an hour-long session, initiated by the Dean, that involves positive discussion of new and previous issues facing the council.

The Council serves the dual function of being a body to which the Dean can refer decisions for student review, but also a place where students can voice identified issues.

Current Council Members

sarah gaulke

Sarah came to the University of Montana from Fairfax, VA as a freshman in 2014. She is majoring in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Ecological Restoration. Outside of school, Sarah participates in the Honors Student Association and the UM Wilderness Association. She loves to get outside, whether that means hiking, backpacking, running, or climbing. After coming in as a freshman and finding a home in the DHC, Sarah is excited to be able to continue to improve the DHC for the future. 

Haley McMullan

Haley McMullan is a junior transfer student from Decatur, Mississippi. She moved to Missoula in September of 2013 and worked as a volunteer in an orphanage in Haiti and on a trail crew with the Montana Conservation Corps before returning to school at UM last spring. Haley is a social work major and serves as president of the Honors Student Association. She is passionate about making the unique resources and opportunites of the DHC widely known and utilized by all of its students.

Tessa Richards

Tessa Richards is a senior majoring in exercise science, pre-physical therapy. She is from Missoula originally but decided to stay close to home for college. Tessa loves to travel and hopes to go to all seven continents someday (just Asia and Antarctica left!). In addition to the Student Advisory Council, she is the vice president of the Honors Student Association, the director of campus involvement for the Chi Chapter Alpha Phi sorority, and is a member of the Exercise Science Students Association. In her free time, Tessa enjoys continuing her passion for ballet, watching Grey's Anatomy, and planning her next global adventure.

Jeb Rosen

Jebediah (“Jeb”) Rosen was born in Missoula, Montana and grew up in Victor, Montana where he graduated high school in 2014. He started studying Computer Science at the University of Montana that fall, with an expected graduation year of 2018. Jeb’s main goal is to continue doing what makes him happy: writing computer code. Outside of school, Jeb participates in Honors Student Association, the Davidson Honors College Student Advisory Council, and Computer Science Club. He is very committed to the Honors College and does whatever he can so that others will enjoy being a part of it as well. Jeb enjoys hanging out in Missoula and on campus and talking about life, school, and politics.

McKinley Sangwin

I was born in Great Falls, Montana and grew up in Chester, Montana. My intellectual passions include healthcare and the role the mind, body, and spirit play in determining one's health. Outside of academics, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with my dog Porter. My favorite outdoor hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and camping. I care about the DHC because they have fostered a sense of community filled with support and encouragement. I met some of my best friends through the DHC and I visit the staff for any academic and professional advising needs I have. The DHC has greatly enhanced my time at UM and I am happy show thanks and give back through the Student Advisory Council.

Zhibing Zhou

Cara comes from the tropical land of southern China. She started living in the Big Sky country, Montana, in 2013. She enjoys, and longs for more, adventures in a place full of wonders of nature—white water rafting, floating, running into buffalo “road block” in the Yellowstone National Park, hiking  through a canyon to find the hidden lakes… Cara is studying biochemistry and pre-med sciences. Besides keeping her nose down studying a lot, Cara loves listening to music, ice skating, volunteering and reading books in her spare time. She believes in doing what she feels passionate for, then nothing would be too difficult to conquer. “Reach for the sky because if you should happen to miss, you’ll still be among the stars.”(By Rosa Torcasio, “Never Say Never” in Chicken Soup for the College Soul.) 

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board provides advice and support to the Davidson Honors College in its mission to serve as a center of excellence in undergraduate education at the University of Montana. The Board and its members:

  • offer advice to the College's dean, especially with regard to curricular decisions and the setting of standards for admission and graduation;
  • provide, when requested, supportive mentoring of DHC students;
  • participate, when appropriate, in DHC programs and activities; and
  • help recruit exceptional students to the DHC and the University.

Organization and Terms:

The Faculty Advisory Board membership shall consist of exemplary faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and from each of the professional schools. Members serve for a term of three years. The Board will meet at least once each semester, and will work with the DHC Student Advisory Council when appropriate.

Faculty Advisory Board Members:

  • Albert Borgmann, Regents Professor, Philosophy
  • Bruce Bowler, Professor, Chemistry
  • Paul Dietrich, Professor, Liberal Studies
  • Ashby Kinch, Associate Professor, English
  • Greg Larson, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Marton Marko, Assistant Professor, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
  • Libby Metcalf, Associate Professor, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation
  • Jakki Mohr, Regents Professor, Management and Marketing
  • Liz Putnam, Associate Professor, Biomedical and Pharamceudical Sciences
  • James Randall, Associate Professor, Music
  • Robert Saldin, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Dan Spencer, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies


Emeritus status may be granted to members of the Davidson Honors College Advisory Board upon their completion of a term of service on the Advisory Board.  The Emeritus Board Member title is conferred by the Dean of the Davidson Honors College upon recommendation of the Advisory Board Chair. Emeritus Board Members are invited to participate in events and activities organized by the Davidson Honors College and to remain engaged in outreach, support, and advocacy for the Davidson Honors College and the University of Montana.

  • Nancy Davidson, Great Falls, MT
  • Tom Hayes, Great Falls, MT
  • Margaret Kingsland, Missoula, MT
  • Kitte Robins, Missoula, MT
  • Kathleen Roth, Missoula, MT
  • Ann Boone, Missoula, MT
  • Dean Hellinger, Shelby, MT
  • Jennifer Isern, Delhi, India
  • Carol McElwain, Columbia Falls, MT
  • Mickey Sogard, Polson, MT
  • Nelson Weller, Alexander Valley, CA