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Davidson Honors College Graduation Application

All graduates of the Davidson Honors College need to submit a DHC Graduation Application. There is no cost for the DHC graduation application and it should take around 20 minutes to fill out. If you have questions, please contact the DHC Director of Student Engagement, Bethany Applegate:

For Fall Graduation
Deadline: Friday, September 24th, 2021
For Spring Graduation
Deadline: Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Davidson Honors College course offerings for Fall 2022 

Davidson Honors College course offerings for Spring 2022


Each of the honors curriculum options (Construct Your Own, Independent Study, and Internship), as well as the required Capstone Project, all require an application that must be completed with a faculty mentor’s support. If you are interested in any of these curriculum options or are ready to dive into the Capstone Project, schedule an appointment with an Honors Advisor to discuss your ideas before completing the application.


2021 Honors Experience

 Download The Honors Experience


Construct Your Own Honors Course Approval Form

The DHC offers students the opportunity to collaborate with faculty in developing their own Honors courses. Any DHC student in good academic standing may make a regularly scheduled 3 or 4 credit course into an Honors course by approaching the faculty member teaching that course and asking them to grant one credit of independent study (HONR 192, 392, or 492) as a space to complete additional coursework. Students are limited to a maximum of two “Construct Your Own” Honors courses that count toward the eight Honors experiences required by the DHC for graduation as a University Scholar.  Submit here. 


Independent Study Course Approval Form

Because the Davidson Honors College is committed to student engagement in learning, we offer the opportunity for students to collaborate with faculty in developing their own Independent Study Honors courses. Independent study courses can be in any discipline and are an opportunity for students to work one-on-one with faculty to design a learning experience tailored to their needs and ideas. Courses are generally 3 credits. Any DHC student in good academic standing can work with a faculty member to design an independent study (HONR 192, 392, or 492) experience. Independent study opportunities can count toward the eight Honors experiences required by the DHC for graduation as a University Scholar. Submit here


Credit for Internship Opportunities

Internships are a great way for students to gain valuable work experience and on-the-job training. Because the Davidson Honors College values out-of-class experiential learning we are able to offer the opportunity for students to earn credit for their internship opportunities through collaborating with a mentor in developing an academic plan to augment the internship experience. Any DHC student in good academic standing may design an academic internship course for a variable 1-3 credit experience. Students will register for either (HONR 198, 398, or 498) during the term of their internship. The mentor must be willing to evaluate and grade the student’s work, and the student must complete assignments discussed with the mentor that extend the work experience into an academic setting to earn credit. Your mentor will provide the discipline-specific criteria necessary for your work. Generally, it is a good idea to devise coursework that will complement or supplement the material covered in a regular course, major, intended profession, as well as the internship experience. Internship credit can count toward your eight honors experiences. Apply here


Honors Capstone Approval Form

To qualify for graduation from the Davidson Honors college with the “University Scholar” distinction, DHC students must fulfill a set of academic requirements, one of which is the Honors Capstone Project. Students should begin thinking about and planning for their project during their junior year. Projects can be connected with Capstone requirements in the student’s major(s), minor(s), certificate program, or can be completed independent of other requirements. Plan to discuss possibilities with a faculty member or members in the area you are interested in, as well as with the Director of Student Engagement in the DHC. These projects may take a wide variety of forms and culminate in a thesis, performance or exhibit, an independent scientific experiment, etc., depending on the student’s major(s), minor, or area of interest. Students must also publish their capstone presentations to UM’s ScholarWorks. Projects are intended to provide DHC students with a substantial capstone experience that encourages them to work in collaboration with a mentor over an extended period of time. These projects should challenge students to draw on knowledge and life experiences that they have attained throughout the course of their education, and apply them to an in-depth investigation of the chosen topic. Apply here

 Each student will submit a 4-6-page reflection to the DHC elaborating on their experience in connection with their capstone and other honors courses/experiences. The reflection is due after the presentation and before the last day of finals during the completion semester. For more information and to submit your reflection click here.