Washington Center Internships and Academic Seminars

Internships Available in Washington, D.C.

Washington DCThe Washington Center offers internships for all majors in Washington, D.C.  The Washington Center’s unique and comprehensive internship program enables college students to take full advantage of the resources of Washington, D.C. for academic credit. Whatever your major is, the Washington Center will find you a suitable internship placement.  The Washington Center also offers housing and financial assistance to applicants who meet eligibility criteria. For University of Montana students, academic credit for Washington Center internships is available through UM’s Political Science department or the Davidson Honors College; when applying for a Washington Center internship, you should visit with your academic advisor to determine what course(s) will be most appropriate for specific internship placements. All applications to the Washington Center by UM students require the approval of Prof. Robert Saldin (Political Science), who serves as the UM campus liaison for the Washington Center. Dr. Andrea Vernon (Director of the Office for Civic Engagement) serves as co-liaison and can provide students with advice and information about the Washington Center program.

Under the University of Montana’s affiliation agreement, students holding Washington Center internships will not be charged UM tuition and fees – rather, they will be charged a flat rate of $150 to record up to 15 academic credits for Washington Center internship courses on their UM transcript.  Students will also be responsible for paying the standard Washington Center program fee and housing fee.

Good news for DHC students: the Washington Center offers scholarship support (up to $2,000) for interns who are members of the Davidson Honors College. For further information visit the Washington Center. Internships are available for autumn, spring, and summer semesters. Interested students are encouraged to meet with Robert Saldin (LA 354) or Andrea Vernon (DHC 015).

The Davidson Honors College offers Washington Center Scholarships of up to $500 toward the cost of an internship through the Washington Center in Washington, D.C.

  • Only Davidson Honors College students are eligible for these awards. 
  • Students must be enrolled for at least 12 UM credits (for autumn or spring semester) or 9 UM credits (for summer semester) during their Washington Center internship.
  • The DHC Washington Center Scholarships are competitively awarded on the basis of academic excellence and the merit of the proposed internship program.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are due to the DHC main office on the 5th day of each month.

Davidson Honors College - Washington Center Scholarship Application