Wilderness and Civilization Program

Study Wildlands in Montana

The Wilderness and Civilization Program in the CascadesWilderness and Civilization is an inspiring and demanding two-semester academic program. Each year, a small group of students from around the country are immersed in the study of wildlands and the interactions between people and the land. Wilderness and Civilization combines the strengths of classroom and field learning, interactive classes, dedicated faculty, and applied learning through internships. Coursework is interdisciplinary drawing from art and biology, literature and policy, economics and Native American Studies.  Wilderness and Civilization offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary conservation debates, make connections between disciplines, and learn how to cooperate to make positive change.  Wilderness and Civilization students receive a minor in Wilderness Studies that may complement any major. 

Completion of the Wilderness and Civilization program counts for up to four Honors courses.  Two courses--the Literature and the Environment and the Wilderness Ecology courses--count for Honors credit.  In addition, each semester of the Wilderness and Civilization program can be counted for Honors credit as an out-of-classroom experience, although there is a maximum of two such experiences that any Honors student can count.

Applications are due on February 15 for early admission and April 1 for general admission. For more information visit UM Forestry Wilderness and Civilization Program or contact wi@cfc.umt.edu.WC-Promo.jpg