DHC Student Forms

For your convenience, on this page we have posted copies of many of the forms and applications that DHC students are asked to complete. These forms are categorized by topic.

Self-Report Forms

Each spring, DHC students have the opportunity to provide us with an update on your activities and feedback about your experience. All DHC students (with the exception of graduating seniors) are required to fill out a self-report form to help us keep track of your academic progress and to provide us with an assessment of how you are meeting the DHC student learning outcomes. The form is now available online. Simply click on the link below to access the form.

Self Report Form (Not currently available)

Senior Honors Research Project Proposal Form

All DHC Seniors are required to submit an advisor-approved proposal for their Senior Honors Research Projects. The deadline for this proposal is October 1 for spring graduation and April 1 for autumn graduation. The Senior Honors Research Project Proposal Form is posted below. All students who complete the Senior Honors Research Project are required to submit an electronic copy of their undergraduate thesis or final paper to the Mansfield Library through ScholarWorks, using the following template as a formatting guide.

Senior Honors Research Project Proposal Form
Senior Honors Research Project Template
How to Submit Undergraduate Research Papers to ScholarWorks

DHC students are invited to view a DHC Senior Research Project Workshop Video, available for download at UM ScholarWorks. In this informative 50-minute video, you will learn about the purposes and desired outcomes of undergraduate research, and the specific expectations and requirements of the DHC Senior Honors Research Project. Watch this video before embarking on your senior research project.

Senior Graduation Forms

Senior Survey
Senior Graduation Checklist

How to Construct Your Own Honors Course

Because the Davidson Honors College is committed to student engagement in learning, we offer the opportunity for students to collaborate with faculty in developing their own Honors courses. Any DHC student in good academic standing may make a regularly scheduled 3- or 4-credit course into an Honors course by approaching the faculty member teaching that course and asking him/her to grant one credit of independent study (HONR 192, 392, or 492) to do additional coursework. The faculty member must be willing to evaluate and grade the student’s independent study work, and the student must complete additional assignments (such as additional reading, writing, fieldwork, research, or community service) to earn the additional credit. Click the link below for further information and a course approval form.

Construct Your Own Honors Course Approval Form

Honors Independent Study Approval Form

The Davidson Honors College offers students the opportunity to engage in independent study under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Any DHC student in good academic standing may propose an Honors Independent Study Project by approaching a faculty member and asking him/her to supervise the project for independent study course credit (HONR 192, 392, or 492). The faculty member must be willing to evaluate and grade the student’s independent study project, and the student must develop a project that entails the completion of academic assignments of sufficient scope to justify the agreed number of credits. Click the link below for further information and a project approval form.

Honors Independent Study Project Approval Form 

Pre-Law Seminar Application Form

The Pre-Law Seminar is offered by the Davidson Honors College in spring semester. The seminar will enhance students’ understanding of how to prepare for, and how to be successful in, law school as well as provide specific information concerning careers in the law. Students will gain practical insight and have unique opportunities to interact with legal professionals and law school admission officers to explore their futures in law school and the legal profession. To request permission to enroll in the course, fill out and submit the following application form. Application deadline: November 15.

Pre-Law Seminar Application Form