The Value of a DHC Education

"The ability to recognize opportunities and move in new - and sometimes unexpected - directions will benefit you no matter your interests or aspirations. A liberal arts education is designed to equip students for just such flexibility and imagination."
-Drew Gilipin Faust, President of Harvard University

Our Philosophy

With the strong connections between college education and higher earning power and the growing popularity of highly specialized technical fields, students may feel dissuaded from pursing a liberal arts degree without a clear vocational focus. However, the Davidson Honors College believes strongly in the value of liberal arts education and advises students to approach their time at the university with a willingness to explore many disciplines while refining specific skills in the area of their choosing. We also believe that the skills a liberal arts education provides are the same skills which help students become successful in the greater world of the workplace. Our liberal arts focus prepares students to be good citizens, to approach the world as scholars, to successfully navigate diverse fields of thought, and to master communication of ideas through written, oral, artistic, and scientific mediums. 

In addition, by enrolling in the Davidson Honors College, students receive the benefits of a small, private university education while attending a large public university. Our students enjoy:

-class sizes capped at 20 students per class for greater instructor interaction and more lively seminar-style discussions

-a variety of challenging courses aimed at stimulating students' minds and preparing them for life after university

-study abroad and internship experiences supported by the Davidson Honors College

-opportunities to conduct and present research and creative works in Missoula and around the country

-individual advising for scholarships, graduate education, and gratifying careers 

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