Incoming Student Scholarships

Scholarships for Prospective Students

The Davidson Honors College (DHC) offers academic scholarships to incoming students to recognize outstanding talent, academic performance, and leadership. These are the University of Montana's premier academic scholarships and include the Presidential Leadership Scholarship (PLS), Provost’s Honors Scholarship (PHS), and the Dean’s Leadership Scholarship (DLS).

These scholarships significantly reduce the cost of attendance at the University of Montana and students who meet progression standards may have their awards renewed for up to four years.

We are looking for well-rounded, ambitious, and curious learners. The average DHC scholar has a 3.9 GPA, 30 or higher on the ACT, and 1360 or higher on the SAT. While we look at academic performance and test scores, these criteria are not absolute and all highly motivated students are encouraged to apply. The average DHC student has a 3.7 GPA, 27 ACT, and 1270 SAT. 


All DHC application forms submitted by December 5, 2021, at 11:59 PM MT will be considered for the Davidson Honors College Incoming Student Scholarships. Applications received after that date will be considered for admission to the Davidson Honors College, but NOT for the Incoming Student Scholarships.

How to Apply

New Applicant to UM and Davidson Honors College?

Students may apply directly to UM and the DHC at the same time.  Use the link below which will take you to the Application Creation form.  Once you have submitted this form you will receive an email with the link to your UM application.  You will be able to indicate your interest in applying to the DHC which will give you access to the DHC application. 

Application for students applying to both UM and DHC

Already Applied to UM?-Davidson Honors College Application Available Here

If you have already applied to UM directly or through the Common App or Apply Montana you can apply to the DHC by accessing our application located under forms on your UM Admissions Portal page. Use the link below to access your UM Admissions Portal.

Admissions Portal-Access to DHC Application for students who have already applied to UM

Application Materials


  • Basic biographical information
  • Information about your academic background and achievements
  • An electronic copy of your unofficial transcript(s)
  • 3-5 short answer questions
  • A brief essay of 500-750 words on one of two topics (*not required for applications after the deadline for Incoming Student Scholarships)


  • Letter of recommendation
  • SAT and ACT test results. You are welcome to include test scores in your application and if you apply before you have received your test scores, you may email your test score report to or email the same address with test details (test name, date of test, scores) and scores will be added to your record.

Essay Prompt 1

Describe your most powerful educational experience to date. This might be a course, an accomplishment, or an event, that sparked a new understanding of yourself or others. What did you learn? How did this experience prepare you for the DHC?

Essay Prompt 2

Discuss an issue, challenge, or question (big or small) that you are curious or passionate about, and that you hope to explore and answer as part of your experience at UM. Why is this important for you? For our world? How do you hope the DHC will prepare you to meet this challenge?

Current Scholars 2021

Presidential Leadership Scholars

Provost and Dean Scholars