Teach for MOLLI

Rafael TeachingInterested in teaching for MOLLI? The MOLLI program provides accessible and innovative learning environments for adults 50+ from all backgrounds and levels of education. Our teachers are some of Montana’s best, including current and emeritus University of Montana faculty as well as professionals and scholars from the community

Our program offerings are academically focused in the areas of Fine Arts, Humanities, Current and Political Affairs, as well as Natural and Social Sciences. MOLLI courses are typically offered as 6-week terms during the fall, winter, and spring; each class session lasts approximately 90 minutes a week. 

This is truly learning for learning’s sake – no exams, no grades – just fun!

The current deadlines for submitting proposals is:

Fall 2020: (Previous Instructor May 8, 2020 and New Instructor April 24, 2020)
Winter 2021: (Previous Instructor September 14, 2020 and New Instructor August 30, 2020)
Spring/Summer 2021: (Previous Instructor November 12, 2020 and New Instructor October 31, 2020)

MOLLI Course Proposal – Previous Instructor                        MOLLI Course Proposal – New Instructor

Please visit one of the links above to propose a course. Please contact the MOLLI office at 406.243.2905 or email molli@umontana.edu if you have any questions.



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